Download viewers

The Creatrix Viewer is Firestorm Viewer - It is pre-configured to easily connect to, and use our unique features.

It also has extenstions to work well with Jitsi, our voice, video and screen sharing software!
*Jitsi is a really smooth and powerful, open source alternative to the popular Zoom software.
Creatrix Firestorm Viewer 6.3.9 - Windows 64bit -

Creatrix Firestorm Viewer - Mac 64bit -

Creatrix Firestorm Viewer - Linux 64bit -

*SUPER HUGE THANKS to Sean Heavy, for his amazing help getting the Mac version to work! :)

Want to use your own viewer? That is fine. Creatrix is compatible with most OpenSim viewers.

grid url:

Or... with newer versions of firestorm, you can click the following auto-setup link
this will launch Firestorm 6.4.x with automatic grid info setup!