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“If you feel like you don't fit into the world you inherited, it is because you were born to help create a new one.”
― Ross Caligiuri, Dreaming in the Shadows
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Wave System
Moana sailboat v0.1
parcour animation :)
Cute bee avatar in the works.
Stream / Waterfall bits
ladder climb animation test
This is my new favorite dance
GroovyVerse in VR
nouvelle partie de la crypte WIP
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A Fae/Elven Petite Region
Thanks very much sean, Hy was able to tiny the Roth body so maybe this will work too. The camera is causing a bit of an issue atm and manipulating the scrip..
Samsara Timeless
A Fae/Elven Petite Region
I imported the Half Elf Character to Creatrix, but it’s not a tiny. Maybe Hyacinth can make it tiny? I’ll give a copy to both of you. (If either of you n..
Sean Heavy
My latest fashion atrocity :)
Pan Avatar for the Pagan Region
A Fae/Elven Petite Region
Its perfect size Hy… thank you ssooo much… I’ll mess with it tomorrow … hugs..
Samsara Timeless

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Curved Sofa
(No Description)
Japanese Gate
(No Description)
Pedestal Brazier
Ferns, bushes, palm trees, and other sundry landscaping stuff.
Assorted nice mesh plants! low poly :)
Super Gorgeous Waterfall
unlink and make water phantom
Techno Floor Tiles
just unlink and arrange as needed :)
Gothic Window
with two sided wall cutout and 4 materials
Garden Dome
Cathedral Dome 1 Boxed
Cathedral Pilars 1
textures inside
Castle Wall Thingy
Modular! You can unlink and re-arrange it! :)
Buddha Statue HD
Funky Treehouse
Stone Circle
Great Hall

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