New market items!
CX-Weird Alien Low Leafy Plants
AGPL - from sketchfab
Hy-Alien Bulb Plant
AGPL From Sketchfab
Hy - LowPoly Mushrooms
AGPL from Sketchfab
)-Diana-( Bento Mesh Avatar - Dec26a-2020 - Beta
a new version of LuvMyBod, re-proportioned and re-rigged to be more compatible with popular clothing. Early beta release!
Cargo Shoes - Rigged for Roth
Business casual - You never know when Roth will get called for a job interview! Be prepared! :) CC - from sketchfab
BridgeWithTollhouse - Stone bridge from Sketchfab
comes with optional physics shell
Simple Bridge
Lightweight mesh - easy to modify - fun for the whole family!
lanternes japonnaise boxed
star war droids and animesh boxed
Mo Shrooms
full perm - low impact meshrooms - 3 materials - comes with example textures
Mushroom Cluster - Purple- Lights
FP - Mesh mushrooms, low impact, comes wth several textures. Bottom lights up :)
COVID-19 Mask (for RuthTooRC3) Box
Surgical Mask
Deep cut Gold&black dress (Ruth)
3D Horse necklace
golden Dolphin necklace (box)
Angel necklace (box)
LookitsMe-JukeboxBox 0.2-improved!
Networked jukebox and HG search tool - works with HGluv's Destination Guide / Music stream list and stargates
Goods Train Set
Scruffy Engine, 7 assorted wagons, Guards Van. Have a whole lotta fun trainspotters xxx
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